Too much clutter to think

I had seen several videos of people building these really cool camping trailers that could carry all of your camping gear. It was getting frustrating tracking down all of my camping gear each time. I’ve tried keeping everything in those plastic tubs, but it seems nothing ever makes it back into the same box and then sometimes stuff is forgotten because I needed it for a few minutes at the house and forgot to it back in the box. So I bought myself a small 8′ trailer from Harbor Freight and got to work on building my own camp trailer.

I was able to get pretty far along on the camp trailer before my other work started to pile up. Before I knew it I was swamped and I had to put the camp trailer on the back burner.

I can honestly say that I am not a very neat person when it comes to working in my shop. I am constantly laying tools down and forgetting where I put them. If there is any flat space in the shop it is soon covered in parts for another project. Well as you might expect that exactly what happened with my camp trailer. It became a great ‘work bench’. It was the perfect height, it was flat 4’x 8′ work space and it was on wheels so I could move it in or out of the shop fairly easy. Before long it was no longer the beginnings of a camp trailer, it was a work bench.

Well I am very pleased to say that after several months of being an awesome work bench I have finally gotten around to organizing all that clutter that had found its way onto that camp trailer. And now I am back on track to work on the camp trailer once again. Fingers crossed that I can get it finished before the dreaded clutter monster to return.

Stay tuned as I make progress on the camp trailer.



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